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Website Design.

Your website will be designed to modern specifications. Each website is individually tailored to your business, not a web page designed round a template and presented to the world as a carbon copy of thousands of others.

Hard Copy.

We will present you with the finished site on a CD

Domain name.

We can assist with the selection and registering of your Domain Name


We can offer a fully maintained service with your site on our dedicated server. The annual cost of this would depend on the size of your site. We could also assist you in uploading your site to your nominated web space.


We can arrange to regularly inspect your site for missing links and to ensure smooth running at all times.

Research shows that most people get their information on web sites from one of a very limited number of search engines. We register you with these. Some, like Yahoo, we cannot guarantee will use the submission. They view each web site, and can be quite inexplicable in what they accept and what they do not We can re-submit to those that have not registered your site, on a regular basis. Sometimes sites just fall off search engine data bases for no good reason. 

 We do not supply your Internet connection (that is your Internet Service Provider) nor do we pay for your phone calls.